Customer Feedback

We ask our clients / customers to complete a basic survey on their satisfaction and our performance as well as our ability to meet their needs. 

This page will serve as a live publication from the survey. 

Our 4 Basic Points

The below are 4 basic points which our customers have rated us on.

Does the service meet all your needs? 

All of our customers have voted and agreed that our services that we offer DO meet all of the needs requested and required. 

Would you recommend this service?

All of our customers have voted and agreed that our services that we offer would be recommended! 

What is the favourite service we offer?

All of our customers have listed various services, which is amazing! Every one of our clients prefers a different service, which shows that what we offer is of the highest quality! 

Final rating? 

Every single one of our customers has rated us the highest score possible for our services, which was a solid 5! 🙂 

Individual Feedback

Who was it that we worked with? 

1) From: Sophie Lamle

2) From: Claire Winterbottom 

3) From: Malcolm Heap

4) From: Claire Rosemary Lucid

5) Mark Finch

6) Anonymous

How did you hear about us?  

1) Via Kirklees Gateway to Care

2) Recommended to you

3) Search on Internet

4) Via Email

5) Via Kim Hardy herself

6) Through a relative (niece)

What is your favourite service that we carried out for you? 

1) Kim is kind, caring and practical. Built a great relationship with my parents and is always communicative and available to problem solve at short notice

2) Companionship  and friendship

3) Keeping my wife happy and fully liaising with me

4) Everything

5) N.A

6) All of it from cleaning, organising, implementing routines and the super social interaction provided for my relatives. This was done in a caring and empathetic way

Does the service meet all your needs?

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) Yes

Would you recommend us?

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) Yes

Score out of 5

1) 5

2) 5

3) 5

4) 5

5) 5

6) 5